Fedilab in action with Peertube

A video showing Fedilab in action with Peertube. I didn’t show the notifications but they work.

How to mention people from your contact adresses

Small video (uploaded via Fedilab) showing how the new address book works on Fedilab.

how to upload a video on Peertube with Fedilab

This video has been uploaded on #Peertube with #Fedilab

How to delete and re-draft

Short video showing how to use the delete and re-draft feature with Fedilab

How to translate a message before posting it

A short video showing how to translate a toot before posting it. Start to compose it in your language, then pick up the targeted language.

How to do cross-account actions

A short video showing how to use cross-account actions wirh long press.

How to mention other people in a thread

Short video showing how to quickly add mentions in a conversation for a common reply.

How to use timed mute

A short video showing how to use the timed mute feature on Fedilab. An account will be muted until a date or if it is disabled on the profile.

How to find new people to follow

Fedilab uses the Trunk API to suggest new people to follow and will add them automatically in a list. About Trunk: “Trunk allows you to mass-follow a bunch of people in order to get started with Mastodon or any other platform on the Fediverse.” More: https://communitywiki.org/trunk

How to change icon & text sizes

Short video showing how to change icon and text size with Fedilab

Follow remote instance on Mastodon

Short video showing how to follow a remote instance on Mastodon with Fedilab.