How to login

How to login Sometimes people are asking how to login to their account. This post will try to clear this procedure. These steps are made from a fresh install of Fedilab, so let’s start! Step 1 – Open Fedilab App You are asked to insert your instance server address (see note A for what’s an instance), email address used to register an account there and the password you chose for it. [Read More]

Get a free Yandex API key

Fedilab uses yandex API for translations because it allows for free a daily request limit of 1,000,000 characters and a monthly limit of 10,000,000 characters. While, it seems to be enough, Mastalab shares the API key with all users, that means one day or another, the shared key might reach one of these limits. The good news, Fedilab allows to set API keys, so that you can create your own API key, shared with no-one else. [Read More]