Custom Themes

Every theme is hated by somebody

  • Are you blinded by light themes?
  • Is it hard to see anything in dark themes?
  • Do you want things to be more colorful?

There are three basic themes in Fedilab. Dark, Light and Black. You can use one of them. However if you’re not satisfied with these built-in themes, you can customize them. Fedilab allows you to change colors in most parts of the app.

How to change the base theme

  • Open the the navigation drawer and select settings

  • Go to ‘THEMING’ tab and tap on the ‘Themes’ option

  • Select the theme you want

How to customize the theme

  • Turn on the ‘Use a custom theme’ switch

  • Now you should see some new options. Use them to customize things

Import / Export custom themes

If you made a cool theme with this feature, you can share it with your Friends.
Simply tap on ‘Export the theme’ option at the bottom. This should save the current custom theme to your phone’s download folder as CSV file. File name should look like this

If someone else shared a nice theme, you can import and use it too. To do that

  • First make sure ‘Use a custom theme’ switch is turned off. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to import a theme

  • Then tap on “Import a theme”