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Export/Import Data

This feature allows you to export data of Fedilab app.
This does NOT include your mastodon account data.

The exported data will be saved in the root directory of your devices internal storage. The name of the file will be like this:
You can use this file to import previously exported data into Fedilab. You also can open this file on other platforms using LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Office Excel or any other software that can open .xls files.

How to export data

  1. Open the navigation drawer and press the three-dot-menu on the top.

  2. Select ‘Export data’ option.


If the app failed to export data, you will get an toast message saying ‘Somthing went wrong when exporting data!’

It is possible that app doesn’t have storage permissions to write the data to the device. Verify that you have granted Fedilab the storage permission in your system settings.

If you have already granted the permission and you still get the error, Try these steps

  • Open an image in a toot. Any toot.

  • Save the image using the save icon on the top.

  • You would get an notification saying ‘Media saved’. If it didn’t work try again.

  • If you succeeded saving an image it means the app can now write data to the storage.

  • Now try to export data again.

How to import data

  1. Open the navigation drawer and press the three-dot-menu on the top.

  2. Select ‘Import data’ option.

  3. Now choose a previously exported data file from your device’s storage.

If you import previously exported data to a new installation of Fedilab it will log you out of your account. Login to your account again and you would be able to see imported data.

What data is included

Here’s some of the things which will be included in the exported file

  • Bookmarks

  • Scheduled toots
    Includes your scheduled toot and scheduled boosts, This doesn’t include toots scheduled using the server side method

  • Information in your profile page
    Includes: username, display name, locked status, number of followers, number of followings, number of statuses, profile description, account url, url of the profile picture, url of the header image, instance type (mastodon, peertube), instance url, oauth token and creation time and some other information

  • Followed instances
    List of instances you have followed using the ‘follow instance’ button in Fedilab

  • Favorited peertube videos

  • Locally stored toots
    If you have used ‘Your toots’ feature in Fedilab to locally store your toots, they will be included

  • Temporarily muted accounts
    A list of accounts muted temporarily using ‘Timed mute’ option