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Filter Toots

You can filter toots in your timelines.

Home timeline

Long press on home timeline tab icon to open the filter menu. There are three options available

  • Show boosts
    If you uncheck this, boosts will be hidden from your home timeline

  • Show replies
    If you uncheck this, replies will be hidden from your home timeline

  • Regular expression
    The regular expression will discard toots containing specific words. These words need to be divided by a pipe character “|”.

    At any time, you can check what words are used to filter your time line.

Local & federated timelines

Long press on timeline icon to open the filter menu. In these timelines, you can filter by a regular expression.

Notification timeline

There are 4 filters available on notification timeline.

  • Favorites
    Notifications when someone add your toots to favorites

  • New followers
    Notifications when someone followed you

  • Mentions
    Notifications when someone mentioned you

  • Boosts
    Notifications when someone boosts toots

Profile page

  • You can filter toots on a profile by: pinned toots, media only, hide/show replies & boosts.
    Log press on ‘TOOTS’ main tab to open the menu.

  • You can also use the ‘Hide boosts from’ option from top right menu to permanently hide boosts from an account.