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Live notifications

If you’re using the version 2.17.1 or a newer version of Fedilab, you might have noticed that there’s a new notification with the title “Fedilab is running live notifications”. Let’s learn more about it and other notification modes in Fedilab.

What it means

    To show you the notifications in your phone from your fediverse account, Fedilab first needs to get them from your instance. Normally, the app would check with your instance for new notifications every 15 minutes and display them if there are new ones. But there is a problem. Since the app looks for new notifications every 15 minutes, you won’t see them in your phone at the exact moment they become available. You’ll get them only after Fedilab checks for it. Live notifications mean Fedilab will display notifications as soon as they become available.

Why a persistent notification?

    To give you live notifications, Fedilab needs to stay connected to your instance. Even in background, when you’re not using Fedilab. In some phones, operating system automatically stops apps which are running in background. In these cases, the only way for Fedilab to keep itself running in background is to have a persistent notification. This is the reason for the new notification.

Different notifications modes

There are three different notification modes in Fedilab.

  1. Live notifications
       Fedilab will stay connected to your instance in background and notify you as soon as you have a new notification. But this method will drain your phone’s battery more. This will display that persistent notification

  2. Live notifications delayed
       If you select this one, Fedilab will be running in the background but won’t stay connected to your instance. Instead it will check for new notifications every 30 seconds. You’ll get your notifications quickly enough and the battery will drain less than above method. This will also display the persistent notification

  3. No live notifications
       No live notifications means no live notifications :) Fedilab will check for notifications every 15 minutes and display them if there are new ones. You’ll only get notifications every 15 minutes. For this mode you won’t see the ‘Fedilab is running …’ notification

How to change notifications mode:

  • open Fedilab

  • Open the settings page from side menu / navigation drawer

  • Swipe from the side to open the categories panel

  • Select ‘Notifications’ section

  • Press on the drop-down menu

  • Then select the method you want

How to hide the persistent notification

There are two ways

  1. Hide the notification
    This way, you won’t see the notification. But the notification is still there, just hidden. Now you won’t be annoyed by it and Fedilab will be able to stay running

  2. Turn off live notifications service
    If you do this, you won’t receive live notifications and “Fedilab is running live notifications” notification will be gone too

Hide the notification

If you’re using android 8 (Oreo) or newer version of Android, you can easily hide this notification. Here’s how.

  • Go to your system’s settings

  • Then open “Apps” section

  • Now you’ll see the list of apps installed on your phone

  • Find “Fedilab” in the list, and click on it

  • Now you’ll see system settings for Fedilab

  • Select “notifications” option

  • Now you’ll see different notification categories that Fedilab uses

  • Find “Live notifications” and uncheck the box next to it