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Push notifications

Since version 2.38.0, Fedilab now works with push notifications. Live and delayed notifications have been removed. For working, it needs a provider that will deliver notifications to the app. You are up to install your own provider, but we will explain how to make it work.

PS: This step by step is more dedicated to F-Droid users. If you use the Google Play version, this is not needed. But you can follow this guide to change your provider (by default it is Firebase).

This work has been done thanks to the help of UnfiedPush.

Install the provider

First you need to install the provider. We will show how to use a version of Gotify that has been reworked for working with UnifiedPush, so you have to add their custom repository.

Just click on the link and follow steps for adding the repository

Add the repository

Once added, pull to refresh and search for Gotify

You now need an account on Gotify. You can use your own instance, but we also provide one where you can create your account:


Click on “Register” and just define a username and a password.

Then on Gotify app, put the url “https://gotify.fedilab.app” and click on “Check URL”. You will have to enter your previous account credential, and then click on “CREATE”.

That’s done!

Now Fedilab will automatically uses that account for pushing notifications (PS, think to restart Fedilab).