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Follow Twitter timelines with Nitter

Since release 2.27.1 the app allows to follow Twitter timelines by using Nitter which is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.

The goal of this integration is to allow you to follow several Twitter feeds from different accounts in a same timeline. Twitter servers are never used, and you will never interact directly with these Twitter accounts.

Following these accounts will use the RSS feeds from a Nitter instance that works with pagination.

How to add a timeline

1- First go in Reorder timelines from the main menu.

Reorder timelines from the main menu

2- Then click on the top right "+" icon to add a followed instance.

Add a followed instance

3- At the bottom of the radio buttons, tip on Twitter accounts (via Nitter)

Select Twitter accounts (via Nitter)

4- Add several Twitter accounts by writing their username separated with spaces

Write several Twitter usernames separated with spaces

Once validated you will see a new item in your timelines:

Item showing all followed accounts in a same timeline

5- The Nitter timeline

Now you have your custom timeline where you can share messages to your community by respecting their privacy.

The Nitter timeline

Do not hesitate to have a look to Reorder timelines. Nitter timelines are managed like followed instances.